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Weightlifting and gym etiquette

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Weightlifting and gym etiquette

Dear All,


If you are reading this, it is probably because you LOVE training, whether its Olympic weightlifting, bodybuilding or weight training.

Since most gym around the planet split into designated training areas, it is a good practice to respect the gym and everyone else in it. 

I have never come across any Olympic weightlifter who does not tidy up at the end of the training session, NEVER!


This, however, is not the same for the general (I did say GENERAL – not all!) gym user; “THEY” tend to lift and leave their stuff everywhere, relying on someone else to do their dirty work.


Here is the useful guide on what is generally expected from ALL gym bunnies, if you LIFT it, then you can also SHIFT it back!

The weights and equipment


  • When warming up with an empty barbell, gently reposition it back to the platform; please do not throw it down. Olympic bars are very expensive and can cost up to £1500 each, so prolonging its life will benefit all lifters and the owner of the gym will never want to kick you out.
  • Please NOTE: no one is going to freak out, if you miss the lift and the gravitational forces will cause its collapse onto the platform. Even the best lifters “loose” their lifts; worry not!


The sweat, your sweat


Whether its summer or winter outside, you will be sweating buckets. Bring a towel and use it, so that you or anyone does not end up slipping and falling down. Simple, really!


The blood, your blood


  • If you don’t wear running tights or long training pants for Olympic weightlifting, expect to scratch your skin and bleed from shins, on occasions. Read this article on what to wear, it will help.
  • It is also highly likely that you could rip your callus on your palms, and bleed from there. If your calluses are tender and could rip, buy a zinc oxide tape from any chemist and tape your palms (I can help with that), before you start lifting.


The chalk


If you take a piece of chalk, please don’t create an artificial snow scene. Gently rub it on your hands and carefully replace it bag in a plastic box, that you brought your chalk in. Oh, and yes, no one will supply you with a chalk; it BYO (bring your own), always!


Never, Ever Violate Someone’s Lifting Space


This is an unwritten rule to which everyone MUST religiously adhere. That means that NEVER walk directly in front of anyone who is lifting or about to lift (and that is also for your own safety); it’s simply, rude!

  • If someone is about to lift, wait for them to finish; it takes a lot of concentration to execute an Olympic lift, but only 2-3 seconds to lift. So, please, hang on!
  • If you are behind them and they cannot see you whilst lifting, YOU will only have yourself to blame, if they “lose” their lift and it drops behind the lifter.

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