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VIka Teaching Olympic Weightlifting to Student

Dear parents,

I’m sure at some point you have heard tails about weight/resistance training suppressing growth, please disregard those comments. It is like saying that someone who is in not tall needs to play basketball to grow to gain height…

Olympic weightlifting is a safe, multi-jointed activity that promotes and develops coordination, perfect posture, muscular synchronisation, strength in joints and ligaments, balance.

It helps lifters to develop self-discipline, self-belief, courage, motivation and IRON MIND.

Please read extracted information on weightlifting and weight training safety, from a scientific study, published in 1994.

 “Weightlifting” is perhaps the safest sport there is. Mr. Brian Hamill conducted a survey study that appeared in the “Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research” in which he set out to determine the injury rates among different sports. Team sports, such as football, soccer, rugby, baseball, basketball and others, were included. Individual sports, such as track and field, gymnastics and tennis, were also included. The response rate to his survey was very high at 90 percent.

The results of his survey revealed that weight training-related activities had fewer injuries than other sports. Specifically, weightlifting had the fewest injuries. Weightlifting had 0.0013 injuries per 100 participant hours. The most dangerous sport was rugby, with an injury rate of 0.8 injuries per 100 participant hours.

Hamill’s study also investigated the injury rates of weight training. Weight trainers are often athletes, but they may not be as comfortable performing exercises with weights as weightlifters. Nonetheless, weight training was the second safest activity surveyed. The injury rate for weight training was 0.012 injuries per 100 participant hours. This is 10 times the rate for weightlifting, but it is still less than the 0.014 injury rate per 100 participant hours for soccer. 

Brian P. Hamill, (1994). Relative Safety of Weightlifting and Weight Training.Journal of Strength Conditioning Research, Vol. 8, No. 1, pages 53-57.

Our Mission

“Raise The Bar” Olympic Weightlifting Club aims to make a positive contribution to the personal, social, academic and technical development of all school-age lifters.

By providing a safe, professional learning environment it is expected that individuals will be given the opportunity to maximise their potential. In pursuit of this goal coaching staff will help each player to ‘be the very best that they can be.’

The ultimate objective is to raise “local gifted and talented” weightlifters who will represent our local region, nationally and internationally.

Why not support us & help us raise funds!

We are expanding very rapidly, and are desperately in need of more equipment. Raising cash would enable to buy some weightlifting suits for deprived lifters, save up for coaching courses for our youth, and to buy more equipment, which would benefit all.

Help us out and buy all your shopping on-line via the easyfunding website and a percentage of everything you buy will be donated to the club’s cause.

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