Olympic Weightlifting

The ancient sport of Olympic Weightlifting will open so many doors in your quest for improved general fitness and sports specific performance.The sport is not to be confused with Powerlifting, which consists of the dead lift, squat, and bench press, nor with machine-based weight or resistance training.

Olympic weightlifting is a multi-jointed activity that  promotes and develops coordination, muscular synchronisation, joints and ligaments strength, balance, as well as self-discipline, self-belief, motivation and more. The Olympic lifts will improve explosiveness. Explosiveness is a function of speed and strength. Olympic Weightlifting can be a part of any strength and conditioning program. It is also a great way of losing unwanted weight and toning up!

There are two competition lifts: the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.

In this video, International Weightlifting Federation, explains what weightlifting is about, competition rules and what bodyweight categories there are:

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The Snatch

The snatch is “fastest lift in the world” because is takes under 1 second to get the bar from  the platform to overhead.

The Clean and Jerk (a two-part lift)

The Clean and Jerk is a two-part skill, but classed one lift. Firstly, the bar is lifted and racked across the clavicle (a shelf for the bar). Secondly, as the bar is pushed up overhead, the lifter is simultaneously gets under it, which demands great technique, balance, strength and most importantly, courage & self-belief.