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August 2016 Training plan

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August 2016 Training plan

Dear darling lifters,


I know you’re are going to continue ‪lifting‬ in my absence, and you WILL focus not just on lifting but on technical aspects of ‪‎snatch‬ and clean and jerk; so keep repeating toyourselves, everything I tell you during coaching.

The plan is pretty easy to understand and explanations are there, on the second page.

RTB-August-2016-plan (clink and print)

Peeps, I’m gonna miss you till September and I know you’ll miss me too.

See you all on September the 3rd; and remember, we have an additional training session on Mondays (6:30-8pm), starting on the 5th of September.


Totally Yours in Olympic weightlifting,




Sharing is Caring…. so please go ahead and share this plan with however might benefit from it. They are also very welcome to join in our sessions.

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