Welcome to Newcastle’s first Olympic Weightlifting Club “Raise The Bar” set up in 2009

Our Mission

“Raise The Bar” Olympic Weightlifting Club was set up in 2009, by Vika De Giorgi (see LinkedIn profile) and it aims to make a positive contribution to the personal, social, academic and technical development of all lifters, including school-age lifters, throught fitness training and Olympic weightlifting sport.

By providing a safe, professional learning environment it is expected that individuals will be given the opportunity to maximise their potential. In pursuit of this goal coaching staff will help each player to ‘be the very best that they can be.’

The ultimate objective is to raise strong, fit, fast “local gifted and talented” weightlifters, who could represent our local region, nationally and internationally, if they choose to do so.


Olympic weightlifting is a safe sport!


Olympic weightlifting is a multi-jointed activity that promotes and develops coordination, muscular synchronisation, joints and ligaments strength, balance, as well as self-discipline, self-belief, motivation and more.

The Olympic lifts will improve explosiveness, whether you are involved in any other sport or Crossfit. Explosiveness is a function of speed and strength.

Olympic Weightlifting can be a part of any strength and conditioning program. It is also a great way of losing unwanted weight and toning up!